18 U.S.C. 44
only licensed Federal Firearm Dealers are permitted to transport, receive, sell or deliver firearms to or from individuals.

49 U.S.C. 781-788
an individual in possession of an unregistered NFA firearm may be subject to imprisonment for 10 years and/or a fine of $250,000.00 and the location where the weapon is located is subject to seizure.

27 CFR 179
the proper forms must be completed to legally register/transfer (forfeit) a firearm to a government agency.

A Professional Firm serving Individuals, Firearm Retailers/Manufacturers and the Legal Community. We provide NFA Trusts, Appraisals, Brokering, Storage, BATF Compliance services, Firearm related Contracting, Firearm Litigation Consulting as well as Legal Disposal of Antique, Modern and Military Firearms as well as their Accessories.

Our consultants have decades of experience and include specialists all aspects of Firearm valuation, brokering, insurance, contracting, litigation and legal disposal for the legal community, individuals and companies. We are federally licensed firearms dealers of civilian and military weapons and are able to legally take possession, store or sell any type of firearm or accessory. We have an attorney, former ATF officials and firearm experts on staff who will work closely with Local State and Federal Authorities, Auction Houses, Collectors and Insurance Agencies to handle all your needs.

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